Our videos tell stories that get results.

Let us tell yours.

We offer video production and video marketing services for your business, for less than you might expect.

Think you can’t afford videography services for your business? Think again. Our video production packages are designed with small and medium businesses in mind, and we combine creativity, technical excellence and professionalism with affordability. So you can keep the shirt on your back and reap the rewards that video can bring to your business.

Here’s what we do best

Social media content strategy and creation

Are you fed up of the churn?

Keeping things fresh when marketing your business can be unforgiving and relentless. The never-ending need to be creative and second-guessing what your audience wants is hard work.

But it needn’t be this way. Because we can handle the rough stuff for you.

Our team of marketing specialists come together to develop your bespoke marketing strategy and we manage ongoing content creation so you don’t have to.

The result?

Your business presence stays fresh and interesting to your prospects, you achieve your marketing aims without lifting a finger, and you can relax knowing your content is handled.

Video production services

Be more interesting with video.

People love to watch. Video makes things more… well, interesting.

It’s just as well because attention spans have never been shorter. And you need to get your message across before your prospect clicks on a video of a goat in pyjamas.

Our superpower is harnessing audience attention for your business.

Discover how our video production packages can help you increase brand exposure and get more leads through the door, whilst delivering a fantastic return on investment.

So whether you know exactly what you’re after, or need some guidance on what could work for your business, we can help.

About Motion To Profit

We get it. Video is expensive.

Yes, it creates masses more engagement than simple words or images.

Yes, people are drawn to video and will happily spend hours at a time devouring short videos about, well anything.  Including your target market. (It’s okay, we all do it.)

And yes, it ultimately brings in more business than not using video.

So why are more businesses not utilising videography in their marketing assets?


But see, that’s where we’re different.

Local videography for local businesses

Based near Peterborough, we provide videography and marketing services to Cambridgeshire and surrounding counties.

Remaining true to our roots, we work primarily with smaller business owners to deliver quality video assets that provide a reliable return on investment, as well as increased brand awareness for our clients.  This comes together to make a big difference. Check out our case studies to see it in action.

Looking for a videographer in Peterborough? We can help.

Or video marketing services in Huntingdon? We can do that too.

What about promotional video services in Cambridge? You guessed it.

Surveillance services in Godmanchester? That’s where we draw the line, sorry.

Affordable video production services in Cambridgeshire

If you’re looking for fancy pants, hyper-creative and arty (not to mention crazy expensive) video production services, then truth time: we might not be right for you.  But if you need a video producing, or your marketing content handled professionally without being stiffed on the price, then we should talk.

Because we provide good, imaginative video production and content creation services to our clients and we don’t charge the earth for it. Which means that you can maximise your return on investment. Check out a recent customer who achieved over 600% ROI on his video asset produced by Motion To Profit <here>! [link to Pig-Casso testimonial]

What’s more, we also offer payment plans to make coming on board with us a complete no-brainer. So if you’re looking for quality videographers in Peterborough and beyond, then look no further. We’re it.

Darren Ockenden

The man behind the lens

Founder and CEO of Motion To Profit, Darren Ockenden is the brains (not to mention beauty) behind the brand.  A no nonsense sort of chap, Darren is likely to tell it how it is. And our clients love him for it.

As a professional videographer for over 6 years, Darren has filmed the weird, wonderful and bewildering in his time.  But creating video assets for businesses to help them achieve more is where he has thrived the most.

And he understands more than most what it’s like to run a business and feel like nobody is listening. Previously a business owner in a different industry, Darren was tired of getting tumbleweed with his media campaigns. So he set to learning how to make it a thing of the past. And becoming a videographer allowed him to do just that.

Fast-forward to 2021 and Darren is producing consistently great video assets and marketing strategies for his array of loyal clientele, and generally winning at life. No more tumbleweed. No more crickets.

So if you want your video handled, Darren is the man for the job: straight-talking, no nonsense videography with a flair for the spectacular.