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Social media content creation – Peterborough

When it comes to social media, video WORKS. It outperforms text and text/image posts hands down, because people like watching stuff. It’s inherently more interesting than having to read a chunk of text (irony noted), or staring at a motionless image. 

So most people don’t. They keep on scrolling by.

But turn your post into a video, much like we’ve done on this page (excellent piece to camera there, Darren) and all of a sudden, you’ve got eyeballs. Attention. And like magic, their curiosity is piqued.

Chuck some subtitles on there too and you’re golden (we do that as well, by the way).

So from our offices near Peterborough, our videographers create amazing videos for our clients to get them seen and heard over the clamour.

But that’s not all we do…


Comprehensive content creation and marketing strategy in one place

Body: We know that nothing in marketing occurs in a vacuum, and that it’s all a beautiful and delicate balancing act.  You need to get the right content in front of the right people at the right time. 

And we don’t profess to be a jack of all trades, but we do work with plenty of masters.

Sign up for a content creation package with Motion To Profit and you don’t just receive incredible video marketing assets to get those all-important eyeballs.  

You’ll also receive the benefit of the combined expertise of technicians, creatives, copywriters, graphic designers and more to make sure that your content stands out, works hard and looks the business.

No more time wasted searching for various experts for each element of your marketing quandary. Get them all in one place. Right here. No re-mortgage required.

Benefits of social media content creation with Motion To Profit

  1. Get professional social media content that gets your business noticed without you lifting a finger
  2. Access all of the specialists in one place who work together to create beautiful marketing assets in next to no time
  3. Protect your bottom line with our sensibly-priced packages (instead of paying up to  __% more than us for similar packages elsewhere)
  4. By coming on board with a monthly retainer package you get a consistent stream of inspired and hard-working marketing assets across creative specialties to ensure that your marketing truly hits the spot.


Want to find out more?

Body: Check out our social media content creation explainer video at the top of this page if you haven’t already. It contains more detail on our services than this web copy could ever hope to achieve (and yes, our copywriter is writing this, and cringing as she does so).

Already watched it? Let’s have a chat. 

Because each project is different we don’t publish our prices. But we’re also not fans of the hard sell either. So you have our word that if you do get in touch to find out more, that’s exactly what we’ll give you. No pushy salespeople.